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Best Power Banks on Aliexpress 2019

Best Power Banks on Aliexpress 2019

What are the Best Power Banks in 2019 ?

Mobile phones and tablets have become a necessity these days. The usage of mobile is increasing day by day. We had to charge our devices through charger by sitting a couch near a socket previously. But now it has become effortless with the launch of power banks. We charge our power bank, and then we can charge our mobile or other devices through it anywhere. Now, there is no need to sit and wait for charging our mobiles. Many types of power banks are available in the market, but we will discuss the best power banks on Aliexpress 2019.

Kuulaa Power Bank

kuulaa power bank

Kuulaa manufactured a stylish yet simple power bank for charging smartphones. It is available in black and white colors. Its size is 14*6.7*1.6cm. It is thin and small but has a large-capacity battery. It is so delicate that you can hold it with one hand easily.

It has type-C input, micro input, and double USB output. Its weight is just 226 grams so you can take it comfortably with you where you want. It contains an LED display so you can see its battery status in one glance. A good quality circuit chip is present in it and manufacturer has provided multiple protection to it like, short circuit protection, temperature protection, output over-voltage protection, and output over current protection, etc.

This power bank has Li-polymer battery. Its capacity is 10000mAh so you can charge your mobile phone more times. It is not only delicate but also durable enough so that you can take it with you without any damage.

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Baseus Power Bank


Baseus is the company that manufactured this power bank. It can charge both mobile phones and tablets. It is available in two colors; white and black. It is made up of matte material which enhances its beauty. Its size is 135*67*15mm. It is super slim that you can easily keep in your pocket. Its weight is just 220 gram, so it doesn’t feel like a burden.

You can carry it very easily during travelling, driving, and dancing, etc. Even, you can do household chores by keeping it in your pocket. An LED display is given to tell you about battery status so you can easily see the remaining battery. A most important feature is the presence of Li-polymer 10,000 mAh battery which can charge your devices fast.

baseus power bank usb

It charges your phone so many times. It has single input but dual outputs. It has a 2.5D bend screen. It is equipped with a smart chip that promptly identifies the current according to the device’s need so that it can provide secure charging. Another feature of the chip is to activate a 10-folds security system to ensure the protection of your phone or any other device for example: over heat protection, over-voltage protection, over charge protection, recovery protection, etc.

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Romoss Power Bank

It is 6.57*3.15*1.26 inch 30000mAh power bank. Romoss kept this power bank very thin so that you don’t face any problem in carrying it with you. Its design is beautiful, and white color increases its beauty. It is compatible with many devices like iPhone, android mobile phones, and iPad. It has a micro USB input, lightning input, and type C input (2-way QC). It has type C output and dual USB output. Due to three outputs, you can charge three devices at a time.

It takes 11 hours for charging with 18W charger and 21 hours with 5V 2A charger. If you charge it thoroughly, then you can use it for a full week. It contains a weight of 671 gram that is quite reasonable for a power bank and you can’t feel any burden for keeping it in your pocket or handbag.

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Baseus 20000 mAh

Baseus produced a perfect power bank for their iPhone, Samsung, and Huawei users. Its size is 143*65*26mm that is slightly more than Baseus 10000mAh power bank. Its weight is also more than that which is 342 gram. It doesn’t mean that it is much heavy and big and you can’t carry it with you. It is very convenient to carry it with you at any time. It has a Li-polymer battery with a capacity of 20000mAh so it can charge your devices very quickly.

Its USB type C power delivery and quick charge three technologies help in fast charging for mobile phones, tablets, and MacBook. It has USB type C, Micro USB, and lightning input interface, and double USB type C output interface. You can charge three devices simultaneously through it.

Price: $25.89

Another feature increases the importance of Baseus 20,000mAh power bank that it detects the required power for charging of any device. It protects your devices through its multiple security systems, for example; overcharge and discharge, overpower, over current, and temperature protection.

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Xiaomi Power Bank

Xiaomi has launched a fabulous power bank with 10000mAh battery capacity. Its robust aluminium case can bear the burden to some extent and give protection from damage. It has rounded curves so it is very easy to hold. It is available in black and silver colors. It is very slim just of 14.1 mm so you can keep it in your pocket or handbag easily.

The power bank contains high-density lithium polymer batteries which is considered as high quality. In it, chip is protected with nine layers protection like temperature protection, overcharge and discharge protection, short circuit protection, input and output over voltage protection, etc. it has micro USB input and dual USB output so you can charge two devices at the same time. It offers fast charging to any device. It charges not only mobiles and laptops but also used to charge cameras, tablets, and drones.

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Baseus Mini Power Bank

It is a portable power bank with 10000mAh Li-polymer battery manufactured by Baseus. It has a single USB and type C output interface and USB type C input interface. Its size is 90*90*23mm which means it is super slim. It is half the size of a cell phone so you can carry it easily. Its weight is 240 gram. It is compatible with smartphones and tablets.

Price $13.84

It is available in white and black colors with LED and no LED display. On LED display, you can see the remaining battery percentage. It can match output current according to that device that you want to charge. It provides short circuit, temperature, reverse connection, overpower protection, etc. to your devices, whether it is a smartphone or laptop.

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Ugreen Power Bank

ugreen power bank

Ugreen 10000mAh is a high-quality power bank for tablets and smartphones. It is available in black and radiant pink colors. It has a micro USB and USB type C input while double USB output interfaces. It is of 64*91*23mm so it is a super-thin power bank that can easily be kept in the pocket. It is lightweight too so you don’t feel it heavy. Its weight is just 187 grams.

The digital display is also given in it to show the battery percentage. You can charge it fully in just 5.5 hours and its battery lasts for long time. It charges all type of devices like smartphones, iPhones, iPods, Bluetooth speakers, and MP3, etc. it can charge two devices simultaneously which is very helpful for users.

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Floveme Power Bank

floveme power bank

Floveme has launched a power bank having a 10000mAh Li-polymer battery. It is compatible with smartphones and cameras. It has a micro USB input and dual USB output interfaces. It has a size of 13*68*16mm, and its weight is 230 grams. So, it is a super slim and light weight power bank. Its small size and less weight make it suitable for carrying it with you anywhere. Its body is curved, having an LED display for showing battery status.

It is available in black and white colors. It provides multiple protection to the devices during charging like overcharge protection, over-voltage protection, electromagnetic field protection, over-heat protection, recovery protection, etc. it can charge any device very fast.

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30000 mAh Power Bank

It is another stylish and slim power bank only of 151*73*16mm. Its weight is 222grams. Due to the small size and lightweight, you can easily take it with you anywhere. It has 30000mAh Li-polymer battery which can charge your devices quickly. Its input interface is USB, and micro USB while output interface is dual USB.

It is available in four colors in the market: black, white, blue, and red. It is a super slim and stylish power bank with a digital display. With the help of this display you can see the battery status.

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Baseus Wireless Power Bank

It is another fantastic power bank manufactured by Baseus. It has a 10000 mAh Li-polymer battery. Its input interface is micro USB and output interface is dual USB. It can charge smartphones in a short time. It can charge three devices at the same time because it serves as a wireless charger and power bank.

Its size is 145*68*18 mm and weight is 248 grams. This power bank comes in black and white colors. Its digital display shows the remaining charging, wireless charging status, and working status. It can adjust output current according to device requirement. It contains many layers of protection which is beneficial during charging.

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Best Power Banks on Aliexpress

As the usage of electronic devices is increasing like mobile phones, iPods, tablets, etc. there is a need for such product through which you can charge your devices quickly anywhere. So, best power banks are making their space in the market very fast. Many companies have entered in the field of manufacturing power banks. They are launching different models of power banks with unique and beneficial features. In the start, they were big in size and heavy in weight. With the advancement in this field, power banks have become lightweight, small-sized, and super slim so that people can carry them easily and can charge their devices anywhere.

Nowadays, power banks do not only provide fast charging but also give protection and security to devices while charging through multiple protection layers. In recent days, the power banks are coming in stylish colors with durable material. You can use them comfortably without any fear of damaging or breaking them. Power banks with different capacity of batteries are available in the market. You can choose among them according to your needs. They are charged very fast and remain charged for many days. So along with other digital devices, power banks aliexpress have also become a necessity these days.

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