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Best Chinese Tablets in 2019

China is progressing in the use of new technology. Chinese engineers have introduced many new smartphones and tablets to compete in the market. Tablets have proved to be very useful in any field of life, whether it is related to work or entertainment. Chinese technology is easily affordable. China is earning great revenue from the exports of its modern products. The year 2019 is terrific as far as advanced technology is concerned and china has again topped the list. Some of the Chinese tablets based on new technology are described below:  



It is a great tablet introduced by ANRY in 2019. A good display with a screen size of 10.1 inches. It has a 9.0 version of Android. The graphics are excellent even when working with 50 % brightness.

The storage capacity of 128 GB provides the users with a unique space to install as many files or games as he needs. The stylus is very good at function. The tablet is light in weight. The screen has capacitive touch. The battery of 800mAh provides a long life to the battery. The 10 core processor enhances the speed of the tablet. A right product for the children as well as adults. It comes in many different colours. It supports 4G LTE network. The IPS panel of this tablet has made its place in the market.

buy @ US$80.42


CHUWI Original Hi9 Plus

Another Chinese company CHUWI introduced 10.8 inch long tablets to provide the best results to its users. This chinese tablet has a 40 GB RAM which increases its functionality. The deca Core Android 8.0 version is used on this tablet. The ultra-slim feature of this tablet provides it with a sleek look.

It weight is only 500 grams. The ROM of 128 GB provides great storage space. The use of Hello X27 technology by CHUWI in this tablet has increased the worth of this product. It supports many languages such as English, Spanish, Hebrew, Greek, and many others. It has a dual camera. The stylus and the keyboard can be used comfortably. The bright and shiny screen of the tablet attracts the user a lot. 

 buy @ $189.99

ANRY X20 Tablet

Another modern technology-based tablet designed by ANRY is X20. The tablet has a display screen of 10.1 inches. The 10 core processor makes the tablet fast to operate. The storage of 128 GB is available. The sim card can easily be read.

The Android version of the tablet is 9.0. The tablet has a battery of 800mAh which provides a long use of the tablet without charging. The 4G LTE network, capacitive screen, dual cameras, FM, and IPS panel are some of the great features of this tablet. The tablet is ultra-slim and weights 0.85 KG. The storage capacity can also increase as it contains an external SD card slot. The Micro USB port is also available. 

 buy @ US$155.49


ANRY S20 Two in One

A unique product introduced by ANRY having a feature of touch screen and keyboard both. It is a great article with a 1000mAh battery. The display is also big. It is 11.6 inches.

The 64 GB storage capacity with the availability of an external SD card slot makes it the best option for a tablet buyer. The 9.0 Android S20 tablet is a remarkable Wi-Fi tablet. The use of this tablet pays back all the money invested in it. The dual camera with 13 MP improves the quality of the videos and image capturing. It is lightweight and has a good bright screen.

 buy @ US$152.99



This tablet comes with 3 GB RAM and 63 GB ROM but has an external SD card slot that can support up to 128 GB. The Android version is 8.0. T G-sensor is also available. The dual speaker provides excellent sound quality. The MTK 10 core processor has enhanced the worth of this tablet. The tablet only weighs about 510 grams. It is ultra-slim and supports many languages.

The rear 5 MP camera and the front 2 MP camera has increased the image quality of the tablet. The characteristics of this tablet make it one of the best choices.

 buy @ US$117.49

BDF New original Tablet

BDF is another Chinese company that is excelling day by day by manufacturing new smart products. This tablet of BDF has a 7.0 Android as an operating system. The earphone jack, OTG, TF card, and 3G external ports are also available. This tablet has a storage capacity of 64 GB. The ultra-slim screen is 10 inches. The MTK octa-core processor made this easy to be used.

It consists of a 500mAh battery. It comes in white, yellow, and black colours. The games can be played easily, even on average settings. This tablet is a good option for watching movies as the battery depletes slowly.

 buy @ USD$85


XIAOMI has introduced another tablet having Snapdragon 660 octa-core processor. An easily affordable tablet. The HD screen is 8 inches. It operates on an 8.1 Android version. The storage capacity is 64 GB. It is very lightweight, just 342.5 grams. The back camera is 13 MP, and the front camera is 5.0 MP which improves the image quality a lot. The tablet supports 5.0 Bluetooth.

The users are always satisfied with XIAOMI products. This Pad has also provided its user comfort while using it.  

 buy @ USD$199.99


Lenovo P8

An 8.0-inch tablet which comes with 2.0 GHz Snapdragon 625. It has an octa-core processor. The storage is 16 GB. The micro USB, USB, SD card, TF card, and earphone jack external port available on the tablet. The tablet can support many languages. The capacitive screen and its weight of 330 grams add to the great features of the tablet. It is available in white, clack, and grey colour. It has a front camera of 5 MP and a rear camera of 8 MP.

 buy LTE Version @ USD$179

Bottom line

All the above-mentioned tablets are in the list of the best Chinese tablets of 2019. China has improved a lot by manufacturing these smart products. Many industries working on new technology are working in China to increase the worth of their products.

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