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The wireless transmission technology used for device-to-device connections is called Bluetooth. Mostly used Bluetooth devices are earphones or headphones and speakers.

Most people carry a Bluetooth speaker in their bags to be used outdoors. Since the majority of smartphones don’t produce very loud or of adequate quality sound, Bluetooth speakers are useful in plenty of cases.

Bluetooth speakers provide a high-quality listening experience without using any wires.
Bluetooth speakers can work without any spatial restrictions as long as the speakers and the receiver are within 30 feet of each other.

Bluetooth speakers consume very low power. They can be easily portable from one place to another. Bluetooth speakers work without wires and any kind of installations. It is perfect for personal outdoor use. Bluetooth speakers work with almost all types of cellphones.



A ten-year-old designer and manufacturer of audio products with a worldwide offline distribution system.

  • Graffiti Bluetooth Speaker features Bluetooth 4.2 featuring dual 5 Watt drivers to deliver powerful stereo sound and enhanced rich bass. It provides more options with an AUX jack and a Micro-SD card slot. It has an IP-45 dust-proof, water-resistant and shockproof design. This speaker is powered by a built-in 2200 mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery offering up to 16 hours of continuous playtime on a full charge. The built-in microphone allows you to answer calls hands-freely.
  • has a built-in 2200 mAh rechargeable Lithium battery that plays up to 16 hours at 70% volume. MIFA works on Bluetooth 4.2 that can be quickly connected to any smart device very easily.
  • is a very user-friendly speaker with dust and water resistance making it suitable for outdoor activities like partying by the pool.
  • two MIFA speakers are connected a True Wireless Stereo TWS can be made.
  • speakers have a Silicon sucker at the bottom to prevent vibration.
  • are available in different colours and designs. These speakers have simple keys and ports, making it easy to use.
  • speakers are compact and easily portable, making a great companion for your travel around the world.

MIFA A10 Speaker


  • Huawei Bluetooth Speaker comes with FM Radio and TF Card Play Portable Wireless Speakers are popular due to the new technologies installed incorporated, making it more user-friendly.
  • Works on Bluetooth 5.0.
  • speakers can be used as an outdoor music assistant. You can play FM radio in these speakers. It also supports TF cards.
  • speakers have a double diaphragm horn with a speaker unit of 2×58mm and bass diaphragm of 2×90mm.
  • speakers come in small size of 6.3cm diameter and 395g of weight. The lightweight of the speaker makes it easy to port around.
  • Speakers have a 1800mAh large capacity battery that allows 10 hours of continuous play with 4 hours of charging.
  • Speakers have a built-in HD noise reduction microphone.
  • Huawei Speakers come up with IPX5 waterproof capacity.

Huawei Bluetooth Speaker


  • Tronsmart T6 Bluetooth speakers have a 360 surround sound for room-filling audio. It also has an external passive radiator that accentuates bass response even in the lowest bass ranges. These Bluetooth speakers have Advanced 25W audio drivers with DSP that allows to fill even the largest rooms with crisp and clear sound. This feature makes it a perfect partner when you hold a party or go on for outdoor activity.
  • T6 Bluetooth speakers have a convenient built in microphone that lets you to take hands-free calls. The built-in 3.5mm AUX jack provides an alternative for non-Bluetooth enabled audio devices. 
  • speakers have Bluetooth 4.1 for optimal connection with all your device.
  • speakers have a massive 5200mAh battery. One full charge of T6 speaker lets you play music for 15 straight hours before needing another recharge. This makes a whole day worth of music on a single charge.
  • T6 speakers have a rugged design with exterior covered in a soft woven mesh for durability. This lets you take the T6 speaker anywhere to enjoy immersive sound in any environment.
  • gets a protective carrying case with dedicated compartments to carry the speaker and all sorts of USB cables and accessories. This bag is extremely durable and can withstand scratches, shocks and is also perfectly capable of repelling water.

Tronsmart T6 Bluetooth Speaker


  • Soundcore combines superior sound with precision design and power management technology to create speakers which put your music first. These speakers deliver remarkable sound and incredible build quality at an unbelievable price.
  • Soundcore speakers deliver an impressive 24-hour battery life to play soundtrack all day long. Sound core aims in not losing the music in the background, making the music core of your adventure.
  • comes equipped with Bluetooth 4.2. Bluetooth 4.2 ensures that your devices maintain a strong, stable connection up to 66 feet away for skip-free music. It has a light-weight irresistible design. It has curved edges and sleek controls that accentuate its body design. 
  • can make instant setup with phones, tablets and almost all other bluetooth enabled device. Soundcore reconnects to the last device used for instant music playback.
  • speakers have dual full-range drivers, a patented bass port and a fine-tuned Digital Signal Processor that present music with rousing highs and deep lows. Even at high volumes, there is less harmonic distortion resulting in remarkable clarity.
  • speakers also connects with Alexa-enabled devices.
  • provides an 18-month warranty and friendly easy-to-reach support.

Anker Bluetooth Speaker


  • Mini Bluetooth Speaker delivers the sound of perfect quality. Its exquisite round shape design makes you fall for it at first sight. It is a portable wireless speaker sound system with 3D Stereo Music Surround. It supports TF, AUX and USB.
  • Mini speaker has a rechargeable Lithium battery with the capacity if 1200mAh, that can continue to play for 3.5 hours.
  • bluetooth transmission distance is 10 meters.
  • speaker has a simple and timeless classic design.
  • can enjoy the hands-free call. It has a built-in HD noise-cancelling microphone, through the speaker can be answered, hang off function.

NBY Bluetooth Speaker


Bluetooth speakers provide a high-quality listening experience without using any wires. Bluetooth speakers can work without any spatial restrictions as long as the speakers and the receiver are within 30 feet of each other. Bluetooth speakers consume very low power. They can be easily portable from one place to another.

Many types of Bluetooth speakers are available in the market. You can select any one of them according to your needs and feedback from other customers. Online shopping sites have various offers; you can get a Bluetooth speaker in a perfect deal through them.

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