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Best AIRPODS Alternative in 2019

Best AIRPODS Alternative in 2019

All big companies like Apple, Samsung, and Huawei, etc. are producing different types of Airpods with new technologies. The popularity of wireless earphones called Airpods is increasing day by day, and they also give excellent performance, but what are the Best Airpods Alternative available ?

The Best Airpods produced by big companies are very expensive and are not affordable for everyone. We recommend purchasing good quality replicas of original Airpods.

In this article, we review some Best Airpods Alternative.

1. Super Copy Airpods 1:1


It is the exact copy of the original product of Apple. It is the same as regarded to size, touch key, charging port, and charging cable. Quality is outstanding, and its charging box is light like original Airpods. The sound quality is not much different from Apple’s Airpods. The sound is clear and compatible, while the bass is excellent. Its connectivity is rapid. After turning on the Bluetooth of the phone, connect and enjoy the music. 


Price $23

Super copy Airpods charge very fast, and battery life is also perfect. You don’t have any need to charge it many times a day. It is not only connected with “Apple” but also has compatibility with Android phones. The best thing is that it is available at an affordable price, but the features are the same as the real one.

Buy Airpods Supercopy

2. QCY Wireless Earbuds

best QCY airpods

If you want to buy wireless earbuds at an economical price, then go for QCY wireless earbuds. It is a magnificent effort to make a replica of the original product. The main feature of the QCY earbud is to be waterproof so it can bear a splash of water, and doesn’t damage. You can also use both earbuds separately, and it has a decent sound quality. 

Price: $18.50

It can be connected very easily with android devices as well. Many models of QCY wireless earbuds are available in the market. For example, QCY QS1, QCY QS2, QCY and many more.

QCY Airpods

QCY Q29 wireless earbuds

A tiny carrying case comes with QCY Q29 model, which acts as a charger. The earbud is tiny, and you can’t even notice if hair down. As compared to the price, it’s sound quality is quite amazing. It can connect with any device in less than 30 seconds.

purchase QCY Earbuds

3. TWS Apple Airpods Replica

It is another replica of Apple Airpod but at a reasonable price that everyone can afford. It looks the same as the original product in appearance. It has good sound quality with excellent noise resistant. It connects very easily and promptly with Apple and Android devices. It is a bit cheaper than Super copy Airpod 1:1. You have many options in TWS series like i9s, i10, i11, i12, i1000, and i2000 TWS.

I10 TWS replica

The colour of this replica and the original are not the same. The original Aipods’ colour is pure white, while i10 TWS comes in eggshell colour. If we talk about sound quality, it is good in this context. Bluetooth 5.0 is used for connecting with the phone and give an excellent performance.

I12 TWS replica

After i10 and i11, it is the latest portable Bluetooth Airpod TWS replica. The company launched in January 2019 with the best performance than i10.

price for I12 : $12.42

4. HTK Mini Wireless Earbuds

It is a lovely product that comes with a mini Bluetooth headset, a transportable charging box, charging wire, and a product box. It has Bluetooth 5.0 version and connects with any device from 10 meters. It offers excellent sound quality with no noise. It takes just 1 hour for full charging. It is available in silver, black, rosy red, and blue colours. Its weight is just 5.5 grams, and you don’t feel any burden or irritation due to its lightweight. You can use it very conveniently during exercise or running.

Price: $15.91

5. Samload Wireless Bluetooth Ear Pieces

If you are looking for an alternative to expensive earbuds, we suggest you Samload wireless Bluetooth earpieces. One of its best characteristics is that it is waterproof. It has 5.0 Bluetooth, which is very good to connect it with your device. It supports charging box power display and has a long battery life. 

Price $13.86

If you have Samload wireless Bluetooth earpieces so you can answer the calls just by tapping on the earbuds, It is perfectly fit for your ears. You can enjoy the clear sound of your music or call due to the presence of 6mm vigorous speakers.

6. Xiaomi Airdots

xiaomi airdots

Forget about wire tangle and purchase Xiaomi Airdots for a truly wireless experience. In it, the manufacturer gave a smooth and glossy design by eliminating the clumsy element. So, its overall look is effortless yet elegant. Its charging box is made of matte, long-lasting material, which also enhances its beauty. Xiaomi Airdot has a significant feature that makes it distinct from many other Airpods or earbuds. When you take it out from the box, it automatically turns on and connects to your device.

Price $19.65

It has Bluetooth 5.0 version, so it connects very fast with other devices and gives you smooth and consistent connectivity when you are in range. You can hear your songs and attend calls very calmly. Manufacture gave 7.2 mm powerful speakers having noise reduction technology so that the user can enjoy the superb sound quality. It has 4.1 grams weight, so you don’t feel it when it is in your ears. You can easily use it in your routine work, whether it is running, walking, or household chores.

It is equipped with a physical button with multi-functions to eliminate un-wanted touch. Four hours of battery life makes it more attractive to users. You can easily afford it because it comes at a reasonable price.

purchase XiaoMi Airdots

7. Xiaomi Airdots Pro

xiaomi airdots pro

After the success of Xiaomi Airdots, the company launched an upgrade earpiece called Xiaomi Airdots pro. Obviously, it is much better than its previous model, Xiaomi Airdots. It comes with a charging box that is thick and heavy. It is also bigger, which differentiates it from other Airpods. The earphones are independent of each other. It is made of durable and light material, which makes it easy and convenient to use. It comes in white colour and looks very elegant. It is not only waterproof but also sweat proof too.

Price: $54.37

One distinct characteristic of Xiaomi Airdots pro is that it is the in-ear type of earbuds, which helps in reducing the surrounding noise. It is charged quite quickly, even in just 1 hour. It has super quality sound so that you can enjoy your spare time with it by listening to music. Its Bluetooth connectivity is really fast and works within 10 meters.

Purchase Xiaomi Airdots Pro

8. Huawei Flypods

huawei flypods

Huawei always comes up with amazing products, and Huawei Flypods is its proof. It comes with a white beautiful and splendid charging box. This charging case has many lights so that you can be informed about many functions. A very significant feature which must be discussed is the presence of sensor inside these earbuds. When you remove the Flypods from the ear, this sensor automatically stops the music. 

Price $53.98

It has an IP 54 rating which makes it waterproof that’s why sweat and rain can’t damage it. Its connectivity is high-speed due to Bluetooth 5.0 version. When you open the case, it gives you the detail about a request of pairing. It is compatible with any device. Its earbuds are very appropriate to use even in driving, dancing and running, etc.

It is very lightweight, more than your expectations. Its battery life is 3.5 hours, and it is charged just in 30 minutes, which is a considerably short time for a replica. The most important thing for an Airpod is its sound quality. Its sound quality is outstanding along with good bass.

Purchase Huawei Flypods

9. Bluedio Earbuds

Bluedio, a Chinese based company, came up with a uniquely designed earbuds called T-elf. It has a peculiar feature that a ventilated chamber is present on headphones. It throws the air out and balances air pressure on both sides of the headphones’ ear can. It helps to enhance the bass, so you experience a fantastic sound quality.

Price: $16.92

It is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 version, which connects very quickly. When you power on the earbuds, it connects automatically. It takes 1 hour for full charging after finishing the battery and has a surprisingly amazing 7 hours battery life. After the 10 minutes charging, it can last for 1 hour.

Purchase Bluedio Earbuds

10. KZ ZSN Hifi Earbuds

It is designed in a unique way, which makes it stylish and attracts people. It consists of metal with some plastic and has a see-through finish. It’s an unusual trait of the existence of cables on both earbuds. These can detach very quickly, and it is responsible for controlling or skipping the music and attending the calls. The sound quality of KZ ZSN Hifi Earbuds is excellent that becomes these earbuds very famous. It comes in radiant and funky colours like silver, cyan, purple, and black.

Price: $16.53

What to look out for when you are buying an Airpod Alternative

If you want an exact clone of the Airpod version, then these are the features you need to look for.

A pop-up interface
When you purchase any of the TWS earphones, you will get a pop-up interface, which basically means a screen that opens up on your iPhone that able to help you connect with the earphones easily, and you are able to see the battery percentage.

A charging box that comes with a magnetic base on the bottom. This ensures that your earphones are charging right when they are in the box.

A charging light 
When you are paring it with an Android device, you can lookout for a charging notification light on the charging box.

A USB-C cable
Most of these Alternatives Airpod comes with a USB-C cable

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